The After School Club has now reopened with pupils returning to Cardross Primary School for the summer term. This runs from 3pm to 6pm and pupils are collected from School and walk down to the hall. The breakfast club is not restarting at present but this may be reconsidered if there is parental demand after lockdown eases.

The Saunders School of Dance will reopen for children on Saturday morning 1st May but older children will have to wait until after 17th.May.

The Annual General Meeting of Cardross Community Council will be held 17th May at 8pm in the Main Hall with social distancing and wearing of masks. The meeting will also be held on zoom as there is now digital equipment available in the hall to have a zoom meeting at the same time for those wishing to attend but not wishing to meet in a public space. There will be a limit on numbers able to attend and this will be announced later.

Please contact the Management Committee if you wish details of hiring the hall for future events or use of the audiovisual equipment. Patrick Trust. Secretary

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